Judith & Joyce Scott


Twins have been a fascination to many who have emerged from the womb alone.  To have shared nine months of intimacy and then a lifetime seems wishful thinking.    So we grow up with imaginary playmates and soulmates.

Susan Kohl’s Twin Stories: Their Mysterious and Unique Bond expresses their "separation anxiety, personality differences, competitiveness, struggling with uniqueness, echoing thoughts, twin language, mistaken identities, and intuition during disasters."

At www.doublebooks.com, the entire store is devoted to twins or more.

In 2010, Abigail Pogrebin wrote about her need for individuality in One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I've Learned About Everyone's Struggle to Be Singular.

There are books on separation and reunion:  In 2007 Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein wrote about Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited

In 2011, Nancy L. Segal wrote about Someone Else's Twin: The True Story of Babies Switched at Birth.

Books about twins with disabilities.  In 2007,  Isabel Stenzel Byrnes and Anabel Stenzel wrote The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph Over Cystic Fibrosis. 

In 2006, The National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) gave a four-star review to Pamela Spiro Wagner and Carolyn S Spiro, MD’s Divided Minds: Twin Sisters and Their Journey Through Schizophrenia

In 2011, Allen Shawn published,  Twin: A Memoir describing how his autistic twin sister, Mary had been  institutionalized at age eight, after which she was no longer mentioned. 

This year  2012, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Buzz Bissinger described his experience with twins born three minutes apart in which one was “normal” and the second, not.  To his surprise, he discovered that his second twin had not only endearing traits but was a savant. Father's Day: A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son.