Judith and Joyce Scott


Who taught me love?           
            I learned it, lived it, curled around it,
            Was comforted by it,
            Breathed it in with my soft animal breath.           
In my sister's arms, in our sleep, curled together           
            Secure in our creature closeness, breathing together as one, 
            Breathing together as two,           
            I learned it.

I felt it  in my sister’s closeness in the sandbox, where we sifted and dug.
            Four hands, working together,
            Explorers together in our new world.           
            Touching, crawling, knowing the earth as one.
I felt it, lived it, 
            Tasted it, ate it           
            Touched it, held it.           

In my sisters hands, in joined hands.           
            In our shared life:           
            I lived it.           
Through her love, I knew love.           
            In her presence, I gave love.           
            Together we were love.

Hand in hand, side by side.
            Before words,
            Beyond words.

Joyce Scott