Judith and Joyce Scott


Joyce Scott, MA,  is the twin sister of Judith Scott. As an RN and developmental specialist she has worked for many years with children with Down Syndrome and other special needs. A long-time resident of Berkeley, California, Joyce has dedicated her life to helping mothers and children. She is also a poet, writer and clinical hypnotherapist.

As an advocate for people with disabilities, she has spoken at international conferences and events in Ireland, England, France and Asia. She has appeared on television in Europe and the United States and spoken at museum and gallery openings, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

In 2011 Joyce attended the opening of a major exhibition of Judith's work in London., during which she appeared on a popular BBC arts program, and participated as guest speaker on several public discussion forums.  She then went on to the opening of another exhibition in Paris, and again served on a public discussion panel.

Joyce serves on the advisory board of Creative Growth, the first art center in  the world for  artists with disabilities. She is a founding director of Birthways, a referral and educational service for pregnant women and new mothers.  She is also founder of the Bali Children's Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing educational and art opportunities for  young people in rural Bali.  She is currently engaged in establishing a studio and workshop for artists with disabilities in the mountains of Bali.