Judith and Joyce Scott


by Tal R

Ten years ago I saw a small black and white image of
JUDITH SCOTT in a collection of art brut books.  I cut it out
and kept it in my studio.  It was the size of a stamp.

JUDITH SCOTT’S sculptures were created from an inner
necessity.  They are so powerful that they are nearly sacred.
You would be scared to have one in the living room.  Each
is like a black hole imploding inwards, as if contracting.
They are objects which have been wrapped, yet the narrative
has disappeared, so we no longer recognize them.  They have
lost all meaning, but in fact they have taken on more meaning.

These pieces have so much power they make you want to
be quiet.  As a viewer you are left wandering around them.
What can you say about them?  They speak for themselves.
You remain silent.

Tal R
Painter, sculptor and designer.